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Valerie Raleigh Yow

Valerie Raleigh Yow

Valerie Yow received a Ph. D. in history from the University of Wisconsin. Her first oral history project involved interviewing three generations of women mill workers in Carrboro, North Carolina. She trained interviewers and interviewed in the project on the history of clerical workers in Rhode Island, sponsored by the national organization Nine to Five. She taught history at the University of Rhode Island, at Brooklyn College, and Northern Illinois University. She teaches workshops on oral history and is a consultant on oral history projects.

Valerie has served the Oral History Association in different offices: she was Book Review Editor for the Oral History Review for seven years and recently served on the governing council of the Oral History Association. She is a member of the International Oral History Association. Her book Recording Oral History, was selected by The American Library Association for its list, “Outstanding Academic Titles” for both the 2006 and 2015 editions.

Valerie also pursues other passions, writing biography and plays and painting. Her play, In the Service of Others, won first place in the Great Chicago Playwrights Exposition and was produced at the Body Politic Theater in 1987.  Love Creek Productions, New York, produced her play,  Past Tense/Present Tense in February 1995. And her play Betty Smith Meets Carl Jung: Some Memories, Dreams, Reflections was produced in Chapel Hill in 2004. For information on biographies, click on Bernice Kelly Harris: A Good Life Was Writing and Betty Smith: Life of the Author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Valerie Yow appears in the 2009 edition of Who’s Who in America and in subsequent editions. And also World Who’s Who of Women, 15th edition and subsequent editions. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Betty Smith: Life of the Author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Bernice Kelly Harris: A Good Life Was Writing

Recording Oral History: A Guide for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The History of Hera: A Women’s Art Cooperative

Patient Care: A History of Butler Hospital

Bryant College: The First Hundred Years


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Papers Delivered at Recent Conferences

“What Oral Historians Can Learn From Psychotherapists and Vice Versa,” Paper. European Social Science History Conference. 30 March-2 April 2016, Valencia, Spain.

“Oral History and Interpersonal Relationships: How We Have Changed,” Paper. Berkshire Conference in Women’s History, May 22-25, 2014. Toronto, Canada.

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